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In a new study, Barna asked whether it was better for a Christian to become a pastor or missionary, or to represent his or her faith well at work.
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Some are pastors, but all are to shepherd people who are under our care. Rise up and take hold of your identity as a disciple and your calling to be a disciple-maker.

True Christians In The Workplace Part 1 by Sanjay Poonen

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Exploring Christians at Work: Dr. Ben Ries on the Barna Group Study - ACU Online

Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are--the Holy One of God! A new teaching with authority! He commands even the unclean spirits, and they obey Him. He is blaspheming; who can forgive sins but God alone? So long as they have the bridegroom with them, they cannot fast. The Holy Spirit living in us is cause for hope even when things are difficult. Your E-mail. Bookmark Read Later Share. Saturday Get Involved Bookmark Share.

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Save Print. We are material beings who need a livelihood to provide for the daily substance of life.

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From food and shelter to leisure and entertainment, work becomes a necessary means for us to live and function in society. Work can also be a potential for so much more. A call, a vocation, or a job, whatever you call what you do in between your day of worship and church, whether it be a priest or a fry cook, we all have a purpose.

We all have a job. Sometimes, it is the same, sometimes not, as we may be in the wrong place and job. Nevertheless, we have a call to be employed, to function in society, and to behave in that call.

We are also social beings, not just tools or devices, slaves or machines. We are spiritual beings who have been saved by our God and Creator and given the call to be virtuous and righteous. All our experiences, expectations, aptitudes, and attitudes come together in the workplace. And, all of these distinctions converge into our mindset and attitudes at work. So, what is the right attitude and approach with which to do our work? How do we get along with coworkers, bosses, and our God?

Work, Job or vocation is a word we use to start to describe what we do in life, vocation has its root from the Latin verb " to call ;" thus, our vocation and job is actually a call, similar to a minister.

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So we need to understand its role and significance in our life and how we are to be in our vocation as well as what it means in our walk with our Lord. Let us venture into God's Word and see what He has to say about what we do during the week. What and why we have work and what we are to do in that vocation and how we respond to others around us.

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The following passages are arranged so you can spend some time in the Word, which will help you to develop a Biblical attitude of work. Also, several thoughts based on Scriptural insights are provided for you to pray about to nudge yourself into being a better person at work.

You may discover what we do is not as important as how we do it! You may feel like a slave at work. Or, perhaps you treat others in that way thinking, I am in command. They work for me, and they have to do what I say!



But, the key to this passage is the attitude we are to have, that of looking to Christ as our employer so we do our work for Him. Therefore, we are to be our best for His glory, regardless of our circumstances Rom. We may have a paycheck from McDonald's and a boss who may need some acne treatments, but our ultimate authority and manager is Christ Himself! We show our value--that Christ paid a price for us--so, we in turn can respond with a good work ethic 1 Cor.

We must adjust our mindset to see work as an opportunity to please Him, and in so doing, be a blessing to those around us. As an employee we are called to Diligence! This allows us to operate with our best for Christ's highest with excitement and passion in order to complete our work and call from the Lord. It is practical obedience, which is the loving of our call and the pursuing of our work so we are doing our best for His glory. Here are some more Scriptures about being an employee: Exodus ; ; Proverbs ; ; Ecclesiastes ; ; Colossians ,; 2 Thessalonians ; 1 Timothy ; Titus ,10; 1 Peter 2: