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This third edition makes several corrections, improvements and additions to the second edition. Basic Coastal Engineering is an introductory text on wave.
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Master Studies. Coastal Dynamics and Engineering Design.

Basic Coastal Engineering by Robert Sorensen

Advanced Coastal Engineering. Topics Introduction to Coastal Engineering sociological and ecological importance of the coastal zone, tasks and future of coastal engineers Linear and nonlinear wave theories, including scopes of application Wave transformation in shallow water shoaling, refraction, breaking and interaction with barriers reflection, diffraction Development mechanism of real sea states, including procedures for parametrisation and prediction Development and prediction of tides in coastal zones and estuaries, including varieties, importance and use Development and prediction of storm surges and design water levels; development and calculation of nearshore currents Documents for the lectures and tutorials For the lectures and tutorials "Basic Coastal Engineering" the following documents are available Comprehensive powerpoint presentations with videos, Java applets and detailed notes for each of the aforementioned topics.

Scripts and powerpoint presentation for tutorials within the aforementioned topics.

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Basic Coastal Engineering Topics Wave theories Wave transformation refraction, diffraction, wave breaking, shoaling Sea states description in time and frequency range, wave prediction Tides and tides in rivers, development Storm surges and design water levels Nearshore currents Duration 90 min. Selected Conversion Factors C.


This third edition makes several corrections, improvements and additions to the second edition. Basic Coastal Engineering is an introductory text on wave mechanics and coastal processes along with fundamentals that underline the practice of coastal engineering.

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This book was written for a senior or first postgraduate course in coastal engineering. It is also suitable for self study by anyone having a basic engineering or physical science background. The level of coverage does not require a math or fluid mechanics background beyond that presented in a typical undergraduate civil or mechanical engineering curriculum.

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The text contains examples to demonstrate the various analysis techniques that are presented and each chapter except the first and last has a collection of problems for the reader to solve that further demonstrate and expand upon the text material. Chapter 1 briefly describes the coastal environment and introduces the rela- tively new field of coastal engineering.

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